Revit Classes

Revit Courses Level 1

What you will learn

Learn Revit quickly by taking one our Revit Courses in San Francisco.

We will show you how to download the free educational software from Autodesk on the first day of class.

The course starts with a full introduction to the user interface, showing you how to quickly move around the software.

We will go over all the basic tools need for creating 2D lines quickly and accurately.
With this course you will also learn differences between CAD and BIM. We will talk about the different file formats used by Revit.

After this course, students are expected to be able to Create basic floor plans and 3d models of a 2 story building.

You will be able to Offset, Trim and Extend any lines or walls, and have a full understanding of how to Move, Copy, Rotate and Mirror objects around. Student’s will also be able to add dimensions, and change them properly as they go.

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