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Auto CAD Courses Level 1

What you will learn

You can sign up for Auto CAD Courses on the right using our simple two step registration process. This Auto CAD drafting course will cover all the essential tools and commands in Auto CAD. Within the first couple hours, you will be able to easily create walls, doors and windows. By the end of the course will know how to create and print basic floor plans, elevations and sections. Learn how to Move, Copy, Rotate, Mirror, Trim, Extend, Fillet, and much more!

This course is also ideal for those looking for a refresher course for users with limited Auto CAD experience.

Official certificates of completion by Autodesk are provided to all students completing any 12 hour drafting course.
Courses focus on shortcuts, tricks and techniques that make you faster and more efficient.

Once you complete this course, you can continue taking other Auto CAD Courses, or sigh up for Auto CAD tutoring sessions to further improve your skills.

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