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Revit Classes Level 2

What you will learn

This intermediate level course will take you beyond simple lines and walls. You will learn the differences between geometry and Datum objects, and how to make them work together.

Levels, Grids, and Reference Planes will layout the guidelines for the actual geometry of the two story single family house building.

You will learn how to create custom walls with multiple structural and finish layers.

Additionally you will learn how to load new families into your project and customize different types of doors, windows, and furniture readily available in the Revit Architecture library.

After creating the main walls, we will go over creating basic and custom floors with structural and finish layers, while specifying different floor patterns in each room.

Once we finish the first floor plan, we will go up to the next level. Using the stairs tool, you will see how Revit makes it easy to build standard stairs going from one level to another, without requiring the designer to do any mathematical work.

Creating the floor for the second level requires us to make an opening for the stairs to go through. This simple step covers how Revit allows you to make voids in any extrusion.

Once the second floor is complete, we will go over creating roofs in detail, showing how to build flat, sloped, or curved roofs. Also you will learn how to create dormers , which can be a challenging 3D modeling process

And finally will cover how to create a sloped site using points, or topography lines imported from a CAD file. Once we complete the geometry of the site, we will learn how to create a building pad, add driveways, change the materials on the site, and place landscape items like trees and vegetation around the house.

With Revit Level 2 a lot of hidden tools will be uncovered, which will build your confidence to start using Revit for your next project.


All our Revit Classes are held at the address below:

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Easy access from Bart, Muni, and the Ferry Building. Also plenty metered street parking and two garages next door.

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