Rhino Tutoring

Rhino Tutoring

Rhino Tutoring

Schedule a Rhino Tutoring session in the calendar to your right, bring your own project, or you can ask your Rhino tutor to start with one of our basic courses. We provide the computer and the software, so there’s no need to bring your own.

You can schedule your Rhino training at your convenience using our registration form.

After your first Rhino tutoring session, you can practice what you learned at home, and come back a week or two later for another Rhino lesson and get all your questions answered by your personal Rhino tutor.

You can take as many hours as you need, there’s no minimum or maximum number of hours for your training sessions.

Location (Zoom Meetings)

We are currently offering all of our Rhino Classes and Training online via Zoom with a live instructor

  • Students can share their screens during practice time to get Live Support.
  • Lessons are with a live instructor that you can ask questions at any time.
  • Call in by Phone or Computer.

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