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Revit Classes Level 1

What you will learn

Learn Revit quickly by taking one our Revit classes in San Francisco. Learn from one of our Certified Professionals and get a Certificate of completion by the end of the class.

At CAD Simplified we focus on individual attention and clear communication  After explaining each concept, instructors insure that all students are caught up and able to apply the tools they just learned.

  • Each Student will be provided with a PC computer to practice during the sessions.
  • Download the free educational software from Autodesk on the first day of class.
  • Learn about the user interface, and how to quickly move around the software.
  • Understand the differences between CAD and BIM.
  • Explore all the tools needed for creating 2D lines quickly and accurately.
  • Create Walls, Doors, and Windows.
  • Assign dimensions, and get objects placed accurately.
  • Build Floors, Roofs, and Stairs.
  • Offset, Trim and Extend any lines or walls.
  • Move, Copy, Rotate, and Mirror objects around the model.
  • Create Floor Plans, Elevations, and Sections.
  • Add Dimensions and Annotations.
  • Track quantities by creating Schedules and Tags.
  • Create Legends for Doors, Windows, and Symbols.
  • Build complete 3D models of a 2 story building.
  • Model site components using contours from AutoCAD, or manually.
  • Add Trees and people to the model.
  • Manage the Visibility and Graphical overrides of all elements in each drawing.
  • Create and save 3D views using Cameras.
  • Create Sheets with different size paper.
  • Place Drawings and Schedules onto the Sheets To-Scale.
  • Print or Convert the Construction Documents to PDF.
  • Get Certified directly from Autodesk.


As of June of 2020 CAD Simplified has moved all classes to be held online via Zoom meeting:

We are currently offering all of our CAD Classes and Training ONLINE with a live instructor and Live Remote Support

  • Students can share their screens during practice time to get Live Support.
  • Lessons are with a live instructor that you can ask questions at any time.
  • Call in by Phone or Computer.
  • A small number of students in our online Revit classes.


Revit classes

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